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Ease of use of SEPA generator

With the SEPA Generator, you will simplify your payment administration and send all payment or direct debit orders to your bank within seconds.

Main screen

At the top of the main screen are the main parameters of the payment / direct debit order that must be filled in. In the center of the screen is a table that shows all transactions after importing your data from Excel.

Follow the steps below and you will have a bulk payment order ready to import to your bank within no time!

How to create your first payment/direct debit order

Thanks to these simple steps you will create your first payment order ready for import to your bank!

Bank account creation

Editing data

Initial settings

In Settings, first create your first entity and its associated account, from which you will then create payment and direct debit orders.

Data import

Import payment information from Excel using the “Data import” button or create the first transaction manually using the “Add transaction” button.


Editing data

You can edit the displayed imported data by simply double-clicking on the data cell you want to change.

Basic order properties

Fill in all basic properties of the payment order such as Due Date, Currency and so on.


Use the “Payment order export” button to select where to save the multiple payment order on your computer.

After generating a bulk payment or direct debit order, the saved file is ready for import into your bank.

In your bank’s internet banking, look for the “Data Import” or “Batch Payments” category in the PAYMENTS or DIRECT DEBIT section.

SEPA Generator


need some help?

If you have questions about using the SEPA Generator app, please feel free to contact me.