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Application for option strategies

Application for options strategies is a comprehensive tool for managing option portfolio of both investment managers and individual investors.

The application allows importing and saving option portfolios, interactive graphical display of complex positions along with underlying assets, displaying individual option legs in strategies, and much more.

Application for option strategies has also implemented The Black-Scholes model for pricing options and displaying individual greeks for all positions as well as for the overall portfolio.

At the same time, it is possible to display the development of the option portfolio in time up to the maturity of the included options in the strategy.


for Windows and macOS

Complex option strategy

Shows payoff diagrams of complex option strategies with individual option legs.

Save and import entire option strategies, instantly export all positions and payoff charts.

Included option pricing using the Black-Scholes model along with individual option "greeks".

other features

Custom features can be added based on your specific requirements.

Interactive chart

Graphical representation of the entire option strategy with the possibility to display all included option legs.



Creating option spreads

The application gives the possibility to easily create complex option spreads from simple Long Call spreads to Butterfly spreads.



Export and import

Created comprehensive option portfolios can be saved and then imported thanks to a customized custom application format.




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