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Developer for finance industry

Hi there, I’m Norbert and I’m ready to code for you


who i am

My name is Norbert Gálik and along with my main role in finance I’m also a freelance developer for finance industry working on custom applications. Deep knowledge of financial markets from my position as Head of Trading and CFA charterholder together with programming skills puts me into a favourable position.

I have gained my experience from Tatra banka and Poštová banka, where I created CRM system for corporate business, automated reporting system measuring profitability of POS terminals by individual merchants, system automatically generating and sending PDF statements on a monthly basis to largest telecom and utility companies in Slovakia, and many more.

More than
Years of experience

what i do

My experience from finance industry helps me to fully understand needs of my clients and thus create applications, that fit seamlessly into their existing workflow and leverage their professional skills.

Today, thanks to the combination of my experience and knowledge, I am perfectly prepared to automate your day-to-day operations, help you to comply with new regulatory reporting requirements, etc.

The tools I create are developed in JAVA at the front-end with my custom libraries, on the back-end side I do work with MS SQL, Oracle SQL, PostgreSQL, mySQL, etc. Automation tools are mostly created in VBA for Microsoft Office suite.

My database designs are inspired by the best practices used in banking industry, where I learned, how complex banking data warehouses work.

JAVA development

Database business logic

Database design

SQL development

VBA automatization

HTML, CSS and other


what i did

Find out more details about tailor-made applications, I have created mainly for companies in financial industry.


Do you need an application for your

specific needs?


to whom I’ve helped

I was blessed to help companies streamline processes by creating essential financial software and helping them to implement complex database models used in financial industry.


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get in touch with me

I’m available for collaborations and I’m excited to hear from you about new projects.