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Portfolio Management System

The most user-friendly Portfolio Management System for investment managers


why it’s so awesome

Main focus of the Portfolio Management System is its ease of use end extreme user-friendliness! Every feature was developed based on my real experience from financial industry!

User interface

Intuitive drag and drop functionality

Complete workflow

All in one, from sales to back-office and management

Multi platform

Working on all computer platforms


The Portfolio Management System can be customized before deployment based on your company’s specific needs, your local regulatory requirements and your specific workflow needs.

Built-in customer relationship management system

Custom dashboard

Stay on top of everything right after you sign in thanks to your custom dashboard.

For sales force, its vital to be on top of their customer accounts. Front office module provides investment managers great graphical overviews of their client accounts development, user-friendly order submitting and CRM system with embedded calendar view and expense tracking for each meeting on client level.

  • crm with calendar view
  • submit bulk orders
  • internal orders between clients
  • client categorization
  • expense tracking on meeting and client level

Essential tools and overviews for trading department for easier work

Thousands of securities

Managing and creating securities of any kind has never been easier with awesome portfolio overviews.

Trading workflow is much easier with Portfolio Management System. Automatic asset valuation connected to European Central Bank FX-rates API and possibility to connect it to Bloomberg Data License API together with graphical overview of portfolio of securities with detailed statistics.

  • detailed portfolio statistics
  • automatic fx rates valuation
  • asset valuation with Bloomberg Data License API
  • internal trades between clients
  • comprehensive securities and issuers management

Complex client management with customizable corporate actions

Graphical overview

Detailed graphical overviews of transactions history with esential insights.

Features for backoffice workflow are intuitively designed for creating bulk transactions, creating and submitting customizable corporate actions and managing clients and client accounts.

  • graphical transaction and fee overviews
  • customizable corporate actions
  • multiple account for client
  • generating secured account statements
  • bulk asset transfers

Compliance and reporting workflows built into the core

Anti Money Laundering

Check out your prospective clients in embedded santion lists within seconds.

It’s easy to meet regulatory requirements with Portfolio Management System with regular notifications about every regulatory report and AML scanning of your potential clients. Receive also notifications about expiring investment questionnaires of your clients and your investment limits.

Regulatory reports will be customized based on your specific needs for local market.

  • notice about regulatory reporting
  • notice about expired investment questionnaire
  • history of reported files
  • aml scanning
  • customized reporting for your local market

Forget your clumsy Excel based reporting

Fees overview

Real-time reports of revenues earned from fees with detailed insights.

As a manager, you will have comprehensive reporting overview at your fingertips! See how are the acquisitions going, volume of acquired assets, volume of fees charged to clients up to the expenses spent on your clients.

With all that comes also overview of strategies performance and traders trading them, with salesforce meeting overviews.

  • acquisition plans
  • charged fees overview
  • client expenses
  • performance of strategies
  • performance of traders

Administration made easy

Permission settings

Detailed permission settings for every user with supervisory structure.

Under administration, you have options to create infinite number of different bank accounts, counterparties, strategies and users. User permission management is detailed with supervisory structure.

Plus every user has it’s own settings for user interface and export options.

  • detailed user permissions
  • custom user settings
  • Create strategies
  • Create accounts and counterparties

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Easy setup and customizability

The Portfolio Management System can be deployed in your company within days together with import of your existing data. Application is intended to be used inside your company’s intranet.

Customizable to the last detail

Most of the features are customizable to your specific needs, your local regulatory requirements and your preferences.

Technologies used

Portfolio Management System is developed purely with JAVA, widely used programming language especially in financial industry. On the backend, various database systems can be used, from Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL up to the open-sourced postgreSQL.

Portoflio Management System FX Valuation

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