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Interactive charting software with Bloomberg API connection

I created this interactive charting software for the purpose of browsing securities and macroeconomic data on the go, that are not freely accessible on web. It’s great for managers and relationship managers, who need to have a complex overview of key assets and macroeconomic indicators outside their office, which are not publicly available.

This interactive charting software is directly connected to the Bloomberg Data License API, from which the data are fetched in form of latest or historical price data. Thanks to the Bloomberg License, you have the right to store and work with these data outside your Bloomberg Terminal.

Application provides overview of data series grouped by countries and types, with possibility to create your own watchlists and with fulltext search within securities/indicies list.

Interactive charting software main

Direct connection to Bloomberg Data License API, downloading last pricing data or historical data.

Generating candlestick and line charts with volume, exponential moving averages on different time ranges.

Interactive crosshair cursor measuring absolute and percentage changes upon mouse drag.

Create your own watchlists, save notes to particular assets and many more.


other features

Custom features can be added based on your specific requirements.

Interactive chart

Candlestic and line charts with different time range selection, with interactive cursor, volume chart and moving averages.


Endless customization options

The application can be customized according to the client’s individual requirements. It is also possible to connect to different data providers.


Data source

The application has an API connection to the Bloomberg Data License, which allows you to download any data within the license agreement.


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